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Escape Room Activity and Didgeridoo Amsterdam Beatbox Didge

Dinelle Gonsalves July 10, 2016 Travel Comments Off on Escape Room Activity and Didgeridoo Amsterdam Beatbox Didge
Escape Room Activity and Didgeridoo Amsterdam Beatbox Didge

So what are Amsterdam’s best tourist activities this year?

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  Every year literally millions of people visit the Netherlands capital city, for a huge host of different reasons.  Amsterdam has a huge number of attractions.

There is the culture – the city has been the home to some of the greatest artists and architects of the last five hundred years.  Rembrandt called Amsterdam home and no visit would be complete without a trip to the Rembrandt museum.

This amazing museum will show you the full scope of Rembrandts works and legacy in the art world.  Another great example of Amsterdam’s museums is the Van Gogh museum.  This impressive modern facility contains many of Van Gogh’s greatest works.  Although often busy it is definitely worth a look.

Amsterdam is full of original things to see and do

Besides the museums and galleries there are loads of alternative activities to try like the Escape Room Amsterdam Activity and Didgeridoo Amsterdam BeatboxDidge workshop.  Amsterdam has a great alternative culture scene which includes some interesting squat bars and of course, the amazing coffeeshop scene.

Some of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are dozens of years old.  They are mostly small, independent operations, and so have a unique feel and atmosphere – no two coffeeshops are the same.

For this reason it’s best to avoid the big chain coffeeshops, and find something more uniquely suited to your tastes.  With interesting alternative events like the Escape Room Amsterdam Activity and Didgeridoo Amsterdam BeatboxDidge workshop, if you are looking for something to do you have never done before Amsterdam is a great place to start.

The canals are unforgettable

Amsterdam’s canals include more than 100km (60 miles) of waterways.  There are more than 60 individual canals and over 1200 bridges.  The canals are more than 300 years old and are the basis for the organisation of the entire city.

In short, they are a must see attraction.  A trip out on Amsterdam’s canals gives you a whole new perspective on Amsterdam, which you can’t get any other way.  There are loads of different canal tours to choose from depending on what you want.

Several tours even include dinner and drinks!  Another thing that must be tried while in Amsterdam is cycling.  Amsterdam is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world, and besides significantly lowering transportation costs, zooming around the city on a bicycle will give you a sense of what it is like to be a local.

Keep an eye out for activities you might not associate with the city

Amsterdam has such a huge variety of attractions that it is easy to miss the ones you might not think were available.  A great example of this is Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam’s answer to Central Park.

Located in the southern end of the city, at the border with Amstelveen, Amsterdamse Bos provides an amazing natural experience, showcasing the best of Amsterdam’s natural surroundings.  It is even possible to hire canoes!

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