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Remember these Tips Before Arriving in Chiang Mai

Dinelle Gonsalves September 4, 2018 Travel Comments Off on Remember these Tips Before Arriving in Chiang Mai
Remember these Tips Before Arriving in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a vibrant city frequently visited by expats and tourists from various parts of the globe. Because of the many things the city has to offer, visitors have to plan in advance before they arrive. Having your arrival prepared ensures that the rest of your days will be smooth sailing. Before arriving in Chiang Mai, make sure you have taken care of the following beforehand:

Determine which Location you Like

Even which foreign land you go to, you must ensure first that you have booked a place to stay in before you arrive there. Also, you will want to know your preferred location has an easy access to public transportation and all establishments that can cater to your needs.

Have Enough Credit Card Balance you can Withdraw

In Thailand, you will usually need to cash to buy products or services. Although you can save money by booking long-term accommodation, you will have to make a deposit and an advance payment. Having cash in hand ensures that you have money to spend in case of emergencies. This is to avoid waiting until the next day to withdraw funds from your credit card.

Book Ahead of Time

In high season, booking in advance is a smart way to ensure you have a decent place to stay in Chiang Mai. Keep in mind that even in the low season, booking one of the best boutique hotels and luxury resorts in Chiang Mai is even difficult if you don’t book in advance.

Bring Sunscreen and Mosquito Sprays

Wherever you go in Thailand, you will have an issue with mosquitoes and a mosquito spray is something you should carry in Chiang Mai. You might want to bring a spray and sunscreen from your homeland as they may be more expensive in Thailand. You want to have protection against Dengue for which no vaccine is still available.

Know the Numbers

In Chiang Mai, you get an unlimited number of products you might want to shop for. However, you can usually find the best bargains in places where people don’t speak English or don’t serve tourists. Knowing the numbers can help you get better prices. If you are lucky, you can come across a friendly seller who will do the math for you using their calculator and show you the numbers. Knowing the numbers can especially help you if you want to stay in Chiang Mai for a long time.

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