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The Most Visited Dive Sites in Oahu

Dinelle Gonsalves August 4, 2016 Travel Comments Off on The Most Visited Dive Sites in Oahu
The Most Visited Dive Sites in Oahu

Taking a trip to the island of Oahu in Hawaii is going to afford you with countless adventures. There are the luaus, the beaches, boating trips, great restaurants, and of course endless hours of swimming in the beautiful blue waters. If you want to take your tropical vacation to the next level then you need to take a break from the relaxing, shopping, and eating and book yourself an exciting dive tour!

Oahu offers the adventures travelers with a number of different locations where they can get their feet wet. There are beaches around the entire island for relaxing, catching some sun, swimming and of course surfing. This beautiful tropical island also affords visitors with the opportunity to see some of the treasures that lay beneath the surface of the water. In some cases, the beauty that waits is visible through the fun sport of snorkeling.  For the young, or those not interesting in going through any type of scuba certification while on vacation, this is an ideal option.

For scuba divers that want to step away from land and really set out on a new adventure than visiting any of the popular dive sites in Oahu, Hawaii is necessary!  The following are just a few of the most popular dive sites the island has to offer its visitors.

– Mahi Wreckage – One of the coolest dive sites to visit is the Mahi shipwreck. The wreckage is 185 feet in length. The wreckage is now the home of a plethora of marine life. A camera is essential to capture everything you encounter. Some of the marine life includes schools of lemon butterflyfish, manta rays, white-tipped sharks, eels, eagle rays, and green sea turtles.

– Makaha Caverns – If you are on the west side of Oahu, you need to visit the Makaha Caverns. The Caverns were the result of bubbles forming and then popping after hot lava reached the cooler ocean waters. Within the caverns and caves that formed are some incredible formations. In addition to that is the marine life you will witness. Some marine life you might see includes leaf fish, frogfish, eels, green turtles, eagle rays, and sometimes a reef shark may swim past.

– Hanauma Bay – This is the ideal location for snorkelers. It is a beautiful setting and is the equivalent to a large-scale outdoor aquarium. Once you have soaked up all the beauty of the waist deep-water venture out to a passage way referred to as “the slot” and you can find yourself ready to experience another more rigorous diving experiences include Witch’s Brew, which is a rather turbulent cove. If you venture past the safety of the calm waters of Hanauma Bay ensure you are an experienced diver.

– Shark’s Cove – Shark’s Cove is a great spot for people that are braver and more adventurous. It is possible to start with a nice snorkeling trip of the cove. The cove has an edge created by lava. Within the confines of the cover is some of the best snorkeling for tropical fish. Once you have soaked that in head to the right of the cove where you can find some incredible deep-sea caves. Although most people do not see sharks at the cove always be on alert.

– Kahuna Canyon – A dive trip the Kahuna Canyon is an incredibly magical experience. If you have ever wanted to experience the closest thing to an underwater Grand Canyon than Kahuna Canyon is the answer. There are natural walls that come from the ocean floor creating this magical canyon experience. If the appearance of the canyon is not exciting enough the sea life in the area will definitely give you a thrill. It is not unusual to see octopi, crab, parrotfish, unicorn tangs, as well as slipper and spiny lobsters.

If you are ready for a scuba diving, adventure while visiting the island of Oahu be sure to check out the dive sites listed above. As you will see, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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