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Three Reasons to Visit Copenhagen Next

Dinelle Gonsalves June 3, 2018 Travel Comments Off on Three Reasons to Visit Copenhagen Next
Three Reasons to Visit Copenhagen Next

Do you have a hankering to travel? Are you dreaming of new cities to visit and explore? If you find yourself suddenly checking out books about far away cities from the library and lingering at the map store in your neighborhood, you might be ripe for a new travel adventure. You could plan to visit Paris in the springtime, like the words of that famous song. Or you could plan a trip to Italy to see all that famous art you have looked at in books for most of your life.

But while these places are all very fine, in the summer it is hard to beat the beauty and unspoiled grandeur of a place like Copenhagen. The northern country of Denmark is not perhaps the first place you would think of when planning a trip to Europe. But with its smaller crowds, unspoiled vistas and ease of transit, the capital city of Copenhagen is a real treat. Here are just a few reasons why we recommend this jewel of the north for your next holiday adventure.

Easy Accommodations

If you plan to travel with either your family or a small group of friends, Copenhagen may have the perfect setup for you. The city has been experimenting with different types of short term accommodation and one in particular might be best suited for a group. The Copenhagen holiday apartments are a unique approach that combines the best of hotel living with the space of an apartment. These are usually called hotel apartments and, in many ways, remind us of the new online bed and breakfast places. You rent an apartment in the same way that you would a holiday hotel room.

Of course, the cost is more than just for a small hotel room. But you get so much more as well. It includes a full kitchen as well as several bedrooms and a full living room. These mean you can share the costs around, have privacy in the bedrooms when you need it, and have communal cooking and dining. For those who are looking for a more casual style of holiday this is just the ticket.

Inexpensive and Easy Transit

Getting around in Copenhagen is pretty easy as they have a very well-developed transit system that runs 24/7. In fact, it includes a line that extends out to the airport, as well as to seven surrounding towns. While you may be disappointed to find out that you cannot take an Uber around town, they were discontinued in 2017, the transit is so widespread and inexpensive that you will hardly feel the impact. Taxis abound if you feel a need and you can get a 24-hour pass for transit that is very reasonable if you plan to bop around town a bit.

The Little Mermaid

Okay- you may not head all the way to Copenhagen for this. But you really must be sure to head out and see it when you get there. The iconic statue is based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale of a mermaid who fell in love with a human. She loved him so much she gave up her tail to become a human, even though it meant walking felt like walking on knives with every step. The statue is in the harbor and can be seen when you walk along the Langelinie Promenade in town.

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